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Diana Piedrahita, ISF. (Senior Advisor)

Diana Piedrahita - Head of Sustainability - Alternative Ratings

- Experience of  +15 years in financial management, investments and debt investing.  During +6 years, CFO of various Latinamerican companies with sales of +500 million €, later served as an external consultant for them.

- Experience of +10 years as a finance teacher in Business Schools such as EAFIT University (Medellín), ICESI University (Cali) and the Complutense MBA in Madrid.  She is Co-author of book chapters on Sustainability as “The Palgrave Handbook of Corporate Sustainability in the Digital Era” (Palgrave Macmillan); and “Regenerative and Sustainable Futures for Latin America and the Caribbean” (Emerald Publishing). She was the author of the weekly market reports for "Protección", a Colombian Pension Fund.

- She is responsible for the TEC Interbolsa Noteholder Trust, and the "Cartera Proyectar Factoring 180 Portfolio" Committees.  In addition, she has been CIO of the Mutual Fund "FOMUNE" and CEO at Texcomercial (retail) and Magnesios Heliconia (agribusiness).

- She holds the ISF® (International Sustainable Finance) accreditation from IASE, obtained a Master's Degree in Finance from the University of Alcalá CIIF and a degree in Business Administration from the EAFIT University (Medellín).

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