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Inversores de Fondos en Mercados Privados (2023)
Investors in Private Markets Funds - Market Intelligence Study on Spanish LPs

  • Sponsored by Natixis Investment Managers.

  • This Study - in Spanish language - is an update of our previous Market Intelligence Study on Spanish LPs (2020).

  • That was Spain’s first focus on Domestic Investors / LPs in Private Markets Funds.

  • We have run an in-depth Analysis of Key Professional Investors.

  • Targets divided by Segments are the following:

    • Segment 1: Private Banks.

    • Segment 2: Family Offices/Multi-FO & Ind. Advisors.

    • Segment 3: Corporate Pension Plans (including EPSVs).

    • Segment 4: Insurance Companies (including Mutuas).

Estudio Inversores de fondos en mercados privados - market intelligence study España 2023 - Natixis - Alternative Ratings
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